About Us

Almost 10 years ago Keith Milligan looked at the standard among IT companies and the service they provided, and saw a need to raise the bar. He knew that he could provide clients with the personalized attention and customized services that so few IT companies take the time to provide. Utilizing over 20 years of personal experience and a vision to cater to client’s individual needs, he founded NETSIC, Network Systems IT Company. Keith embarked on a search for highly qualified and driven people to come together with him to achieve his goals. And he is thrilled to be able to offer these incredible services in a field that constantly challenges both skill and perception.


NETSIC has a lineup of dynamic team members committed to the assessment and resolution of technological issues in addition to partnering with clients in order to design and implement personalized strategies to enable the client to better bring their vision for the future to life. Our experienced and professional team collaborate seamlessly to manage the client’s needs across a variety of industries and technologies.